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Listening to our Patients Eye Care Needs

Preventive Eye Care in Kelowna & Central OkanaganAt Sun Valley Optometry, we know your time is valuable and we want to make the experience as seamless as possible for you. For all of your eye care needs we offer some evening and weekend appointments that can be booked over the phone or online.

Statistics show that many Canadians will themselves or experience a loved one’s diagnosis of an eye disease such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. Our Optos technology gives an unprecedented view of the eye to aid in the diagnosis of the earliest stages which gives the best chance for effective treatment.

Many of our patients are coming in with more questions about their eye health because there is so much information available. Much of this information is very valuable and can open up questions about family history and eye disease or dry eye treatments, but caution must be taken with information from the internet. Our optometrists are here to work with your family doctor, specialists and other health care providers to help you navigate through those sometimes complex waters

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Reasons to visit us sooner than your regular checkup

Recent Health Changes?

One of the first recommendations your family doctor will recommend if you’ve been recently diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension will be to have your eyes examined. Your eyes are one of the most vascular organs of the body and need a tremendous amount of blood supply to function properly. The eyes are the only place where we can plainly see blood vessels and detect possible changes that might be related to those systemic conditions.

Vision changing quickly?

There are certain phases of our lives where it is expected that our vision will change or potentially change. In children and teens, it involves the onset of nearsightedness. In the forties, it is our ability to focus up close and the sixties and beyond often brings about cataract development. Learn more about prevention and treatment of cataracts and eye diseases.

Having difficulty with reading?

Presbyopia is the process by which the natural focusing lens in the eye slowly loses its ability to focus on images that are near. Don’t worry as this is a natural process and every person on the planet goes through it! We are on the cutting edge of fitting multifocal contact lenses, which give you outstanding vision both for reading and seeing things beyond arms length.

Scratchy, sore, irritated eyes?

This is becoming a more common issue for our patients. It is typically related to environmental factors (especially in the Okanagan!) such as living in a dry climate and staring at screens or from natural changes to our tear production mechanism as time moves along. Fortunately technology is on our side to battle the problem.

MSP coverage for eye exams

Many types of appointments are partially or fully covered through BC Medical Services Plan or third party insurance.

Optomap Retinal Exams in Kelowna

As part of our commitment to the health and wellbeing of your eyes, as well as your overall health, we are proud to offer Optomap retinal imaging to our patients here at our Kelowna office.

The most important part of the human eye—the retina—can be examined at Sun Valley Optometry like never before, with a high-definition photograph. The Optomap retinal exam allows for early detection of eye disease and gives us the ability to educate our patients about eye health like never before.

Having an Optomap image taken during your exam will allow your optometrist a more thorough look at the health of your retina, the all-important tissue at the back of your eye that actually gives you your vision.

The Optomap retinal exam is fast, easy and comfortable. Watch the video for an explanation of the benefits of choosing the Optomap during your exam. Feel free to call us for more information.
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Frequently asked questions on Preventive Eye Care

Will increasing my prescription or wearing my glasses too much make my eyes get worse?

Absolutely not. This is an old tale that goes back a long time, but we know with certainty that any changes that happen with the eye happen naturally and has nothing to do with how much you wear your glasses or how you use your eyes.

When should my child have an eye exam and is it covered by MSP?

Exams for anyone under 19 are fully covered by MSP at our office with no co-pay required (a private co-pay is required at some offices). The B.C. Association of Optometrists recommends a child’s first eye exam should be at 6 months old. Beyond that, we really are able to check for major developmental milestones starting at age 2-3, then at kindergarten and every year after. We assess visual acuity, muscle function, focusing ability, tracking skills and many other visual functions that have to do with much more than just the vision on an eye chart.

Will sitting in front of a computer or watching too much TV hurt my eyes?

No, there is no evidence that working at a computer or watching TV damages the eyes. However, long hours of work can be fatiguing to the eyes, neck and back. Monitor glare from various light sources can also be a problem. It is often helpful to take periodic breaks, looking off in the distance and adjusting your workstation (angle of the monitor, height of the chair, changing the lighting, etc.).

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