Kelowna Optometrist Tips: Eye Care for Kids

Kelowna Optometrist gives kid's eye care tips

Kelowna Optometrist Tips: Eye Care for Kids

After the fun and excitement of summer vacation has come to an end and the kids have been back at school for a couple of weeks, daily routines are making their way back into homes. This is the perfect time to speak to your family about ways to take care of your eyes. To help introduce some healthy habits, check out some of these Kelowna optometrist-approved tips.

Get a Good Nights’ Sleep

Sure, avoiding cranky children are one of the major reasons why bedtimes are strictly enforced, but getting a good amount of rest can actually increase eye health too.

School is visually straining on most eyes since the majority of learning is accompanied by visual presentations. Although effective, this method can be tough on young eyes. By getting a good nights’ sleep and taking blinking breaks throughout the day, children (and adults) can prevent eyestrain.

Go Over the Rule

If your children aren’t fans of rules, that’s OK. This rule is easy to follow, and might actually be fun for them too. Introduce your kiddos to the 20/20/20 rule recommended by our Kelowna optometrist.

Every 20 minutes or so, take a 20 second break by looking at something 20 feet away. Since most kids aren’t really good at eyeballing measurements of distance, give them something specific to glance at.

Limit Screen Time

Tablets, computers, and televisions all have one thing in common when it comes to eye health: they contribute to eyestrain. Staring at these screens can cause irritated eyes that become itchy, sore, and red.

By encouraging frequent breaks and monitoring how much time they’re spending in front of a screen, you can keep your little darling’s eyes healthy, setting them up for eye-care success in the future.

Stress the Importance of Hand Washing

Good hygiene habits are important for a variety of reasons. Besides preventing colds and flus and other infectious diseases, good hygiene habits can defend against pinkeye too. If you’ve ever had pinkeye before, you know it’s no fun for anyone. Pinkeye is easily spread around schoolyards and classrooms and is a widespread risk for children attending school.

Minimize your child’s risk of contracting pinkeye by reminding them to wash their hands regularly and to avoid touching their eyes unnecessarily.

See the Eye Doc Regularly

Oftentimes, eye problems can go undiagnosed in children since they have difficulty identifying or explaining eye-related problems. If your child shows any of these symptoms, you should schedule them for a visit with a Kelowna optometrist to properly diagnose the problem:

  • Sitting too close to the television or computer screen
  • Constant eye rubbing
  • Squinting
  • Frequent complaints of headaches

By taking your kid to visit an optometrist regularly, you can help prevent unnecessary discomfort and potential learning difficulties.

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